Fulfill your dreams with SBI Card and pay in Easy Monthly Installments

Published: 14th April 2011
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Planning an international holiday for your family? OR A new laptop for your son? OR A new smart phone for your daughter? OR The diamond ring for your wife?

You can fulfill all these aspirations and more with your SBI Card. Its simple. Just book your tickets, make your reservations, buy your dream laptop, smartphone or jewellerywith your SBI Card and convert it into easy monthly installments with SBI Card Flexipay. And you will never be able to forget the smile on the face of your family.

With SBI Card Flexipay you can convert any retail purchase of Rs.2500 & above into easy monthly installments within 30 days of making the purchase and continue to enjoy your new buy without having to worry about how you will pay off your bill. On availing SBI Card Flexipay, you can pay as low as Rs.54 per Rs.1000 as monthly installment at a very low interest rate of 14.5% only.

You can repay in flexible tenures of 6, 12 or 24 months basis the repayment schedule that suits yourfinancial plans at a nominal processing fee. On taking SBI Card Flexipay, you also save on higher credit card interest rate and continue to enjoy the finer things in life.

Millions of SBI Cardholders have already availed of SBI Card Flexipay, converted their purchases into easy monthly installments and fulfilled not only their own dreams & aspirations but also those of their loved ones.

Just convert your purchase of Rs. 2500 and above only on your SBI Card into Flexipay within 30 days and enjoy flexible repayment tenure that you can opt for and continue to pay your installment at a low interest rate. And continue to gift your loved ones a lifestyle of their dreams full of the latest handy-cam, digital camera, smart-phones, Laptops, branded accessories & clothes and vacations in Paris, Italy, Dubai or Singapore.

It should no longer be the subject of your dreams. Its simple only with your SBI Card.

Follow the 3 simple steps to convert your purchase into Flexipay-

1. Log On to SBI Card Online- www.sbicard.com- with your User Id and Password

2. Click on ‘Convert toFlexipay’under ‘Deals for you’ in the left hand menu navigation

3. Fill in the Flexipay details and submit

If you are not registered on www.sbicard.com, Register today.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to convert your dreams into reality today!(http://www.sbicard.com/services_for_you/flexipay_0_011818.html)

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